Product designer


Squares! Thumbnail Sketches

For class we were assigned to create visual representations of certain words using only squares. Here are some of my preliminary sketches. 


Active vs. Passive

For active squares I wanted to show movement, so I did that by creating squares of different sizes and tilting them to create the illusion of motion. During critiques I got a lot of positive feedback for the last one on the left. For the second one I tried to show how gravity would affect the squares. Passive was definitely a lot less intuitive than active. I tried playing around with different compositions that I thought gave a more calming feeling.


Static vs. Rhythmic

Static made me think of large, unmoving squares. I drew a lot of them stacked on top of each other to show how stable they were. For rhythmic I focused on patterns.


Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

I used vertical, horizontal, and diagonal symmetry. For asymmetry someone commented that they liked the idea of having an odd one out.