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Designers + Geeks

Last week I went to San Francisco for a design/tech talk at Yelp! It was hosted by Designers + Geeks

I finally got to visit the Yelp office! It gave off a really cozy atmosphere, with the brick walls and the retro lit-up Yelp sign. The floor we were on wasn't that big--I think it was mainly the cafeteria/gathering area? There were no office spaces at least. But I liked how there were booths and long tables for everyone to eat together. 

The speakers at the event were Bridget Lee (UX manager at Google[x]) and Alex Kauffmann (senior designer at Google). Bridget talked more about how understanding the background and culture of the people you work with will help foster better connections in a team, while Alex told us about his product developing methods that involved extreme rapid prototyping.

One thing I noticed was that there was definitely a gender divide for designers and "geeks." Almost all the girls I talked to were designers, either visual or UI/UX. For the guys, I think most of them were engineers who also had an interest in design. 

It was my first time going to an event like this, and I admit I was surprised to see that most of the attendees were in their mid 20s to early 30s. I guess I had expected it to be more of an intern event, but it was interesting to meet people that were out in the "real world" already. I ate dinner with another girl who had moved from Canada to create her own furniture start up here in San Francisco. 

After the talk it was pretty late, so I took a Lyft back to the Caltrain station. I tried Lyft Line for the first time, and it was really efficient! Both me and another girl got picked up and we were got to the Caltrain station together. It only took $5.00 to get back, and since I had a $5.00 Lyft credit I got back for free!