Product designer


Dropbox Summer Hack Day

I had an amazing experience at the Dropbox office in San Francisco this past weekend for their first girls only hackathon, Summer Hack Day!

The Dropbox office *0* The Tuck Shop is such a cozy, friendly place to eat and socialize. My favorite was the music studio! So nice that everyone is encouraged to follow their creative pursuits outside of work as well! 

Okay I lied. The scooters were my favorite. 

There was also a mini high school reunion that unexpectedly happened. LHS represent! My team, (The Mustard Alpacas) created a web application to organize Dropbox files. We dubbed it "Tinder for files," because you go through all your files and have to choose whether to delete it (swipe left) or keep it (swipe right). We had it working, but it bugged out on us during demo time...of course T.T 

Still, it was a great experience and I was able to meet so many fun, nice and incredibly talented people. One of the mentors was my TA for a programming class I took back in freshman year!

Louise Zhou