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Phobia Poster Series

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Phobia Posters

For my class, Communication Design Fundamentals, we were prompted to create a set of 3 posters to showcase different phobias. After researching different phobias, I decided to go with a fairy tale theme.


Design Process


Research and Layout Sketches

Going through the list of phobias, I started creating a list of interesting phobias. After looking through a few, I started listing down those that I thought might map to a certain theme, such as fairy tale characters, disney princesses, super heros, etc. 

I had the most ideas for fairy tales, so I picked three that I thought I could represent well with a primary color. I picked Red Riding Hood (red), Peter Pan (green), and Sleeping Beauty (yellow because of her golden locks).


Layout Sketches


For this project, I wanted to play around with the idea of silhouettes. My initial idea was to have each fear as a silhouette, with the fairy tale characters within the silhouettes to show how each character was consumed with his/her fear. My other idea was a more minimalistic approach. I would just have silhouettes of each character's profile. After getting critiques from my TA, we agreed that just the silhouette of each character was enough to convey the phobia, since we were relying on the viewer's background knowledge of the story behind each fairy tale character.  


From sketches to digital

Before this project, I had tried using the pen tool in Illustrator just once, several years ago, and gave up because the learning curve was too hard. Ever since then I had a deep rooted fear of the pen tool and refused to touch it. However, when I tried again this time, I managed to pick it up quickly! Seeing my characters appear after each curve was exciting and definitely my favorite part of this project.  



Finally, I tried out different iterations with different color schemes and outline details. Looking back, I feel that I could have played more with the typography and also how the paragraph was laid out, or even incorporating the phobia into the title.


Final Version